The team


Anneke Potgieter

Editor, translator, writer


Edible Ink was born of linguist Anneke Potgieter’s insatiable appetite for good food, her environmental conscience and obsession with all things language.

As qualified chef and doctor of linguistics, her different professional paths were perhaps destined to one day converge in an initiative such as this. Today she likes to think of herself as something of a green-minded foodie wordsmith.

Her desires are to live closer to the soil, to eat more consciously and with greater appreciation, and to support local, small-scale farmers through means of the written word.

With solid experience as freelance editor and translator, Anneke acts as the critical eye that zooms in on the details to ensure each Edible Ink project is grammatically flawless and its message clear and convincing.

Her qualifications include MA and PhD degrees in General Linguistics from Stellenbosch University, as well as a diploma in professional cheffing and baking from the Institute of Culinary Arts. 


See Anneke's full professional profile here.

Jorisna Bonthuys

Collaborating writer


Anneke often collaborates with acclaimed journalist and scientific writer Jorisna Bonthuys.

Experienced in reporting on topics such as environmental and climate change, sustainability, agriculture and biodiversity, Jorisna is the perfect pen(wo)man for Edible Ink’s content-heavy, specialist projects.


She believes strongly in communicating science to the general public in order to effect behavioural changes for the greater good of both humanity and the environment.

Jorisna’s qualifications include BA degrees in Journalism and Political Science from Stellenbosch University, as well as an MA in Political Science (Southern African Politics) from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Read more about Jorisna’s professional experience here.





Collaborating artists


In the case of projects that include a layout and design element, Edible Ink collaborates with the graphic design and brand development team at Unfold.

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