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About us

Edible Ink offers specialised content creation and editing services for the sustainable food and agricultural industry, and beyond. We assist entrepreneurs from a wide variety of sustainability-focused backgrounds in marketing their stories, products and services to the public, ultimately creating more conscious consumers.

With extensive collective experience in academic writing and editing – especially in the fields of food security, biodiversity and sustainable development – our team also offers a science communication service. We aid researchers in making their work accessible to the general readership in order to educate, empower and effect large-scale behavioural changes for the benefit of future generations.

Whether you need a novel piece of writing or have an existing text in need of editing or translation, we would happily assist. For projects with a layout and design element, we typically collaborate with our preferred artists to provide you with an all-inclusive project fee.



Content Creation

Edible Ink provides sustainability entrepreneurs with copy and content writing solutions that promote the ethos behind their products – be it food, wine, restaurant, event or venue. Language being our food, we spread the word by crafting bespoke website text, blog entries, newsletters and press releases.

We also bring research to the masses by helping scientists and activists package their work in an engaging format with popular appeal. We make the facts accessible, without compromising the integrity of the work.



Do you have an existing research report, website copy, newsletter or other form of client communication that needs a critical eye? Perhaps you're not sure whether you're really speaking your clients' language, whether the text is well structured, or simply whether you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s.


Edible Ink provides professional editing services for the sustainable food industry and beyond. We make sure that your text is linguistically flawless and that your message is clearly communicated.

After all, first impressions count.


Promoting your research, product or service in an additional language can double your impact.

Edible Ink offers an impeccable translation service between English and Afrikaans. Make use of this service and see your business (and message) grow.

We make sure to respect the personality and factuality of each piece, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.

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